March 28, 2023

Directions to Skok

  Finding the Skokomish Indian Tribe 

Directions from Olympia to Skokomish

The Skokomish reservation is located 35 miles north of Olympia off of Hwy. 101.
Drive I-5 to Olympia, WA and take exit #104 which will put you on to state highway 101.
Travel North on hwy. 101 where you will pass the Little Creek Casino. Continue on Hwy. 101 past Shelton but DO NOT take any of the Shelton exits. You will pass the Sanderson Airport on your left and continue north on Hwy. 101 for approximately 10 miles.
You will descend into the Skokomish Valley and cross the Skokomish River. About one mile past the river, you will see the Hwy. 106 turnoff (to the right ) for Union and Belfair. Take a right on Hwy. 106 and head East about 1 mile.
You will see a green sign on the right that says Skokomish Tribal Center. Take an immediate left and you will see the Tribal Center about a half block down the road on the right.

Directions from Bremerton to Skokomish

After passing Bremerton keep an eye out for the Shelton/Belfair exit where you will veer right at a large curve and bridge over pass. Remain on hwy 3 until you get to Belfair.

Travel through Belfair and approximately a mile or two outside the “city” you will see the hwy 106 turn-off. Veer right on the 106 turn-off and travel about 20 miles, you will Follow Hood Canal approximately 19 miles passing the Alderbrook Resort and Union (small town). Stay on hwy 106 that will cross over the Skokomish River Bridge.

About 1/2 mile past the Skokomish river, turn right on to Tribal Center Road. You will see the Tribal Center on your right.

Skokomish Map