May 23, 2024

Tribal Committees

Tribal Committees

The Skokomish Tribal Committees. If you would like additional information or would like to serve on a Committee, please submit or email a letter of interest to Bobbi Blacketer, Executive Secretary for the Skokomish Tribal Council. If there is a vacancy on the committee you wish to be appointed to, your letter will be submitted to the committee and the Tribal Council for consideration.

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Housing Committee:

  • Contact Person – Thomas Kachman
  • Meeting Schedule – Second Wednesday of every month in the Housing Building 551 N Reservation Rd.
  • Vacancies – None
  • Membership – Denese LaClair, Rosetta LaClair, Katrina Twiddy, Sashina Ware, Jamie Kenyon

Fireworks Committee:

  • Contact Person – Augusta Blacketer
  • Meeting Schedule – No Set Schedule. Meet during fireworks season.
  • Membership – Michelle Deyette, Thomas Longshore, Katrina Twiddy, Travis Twiddy

Enrollment Committee:

  • Contact Person – Celeste Vigil
  • Membership – Rita Andrews, Augusta Blacketer, Bobbi Blacketer, Denese LaClair, Winona Plant

Culture and Arts Committee:

  • Contact Person – Kris Miller
  • Meeting Schedule – Second Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the Tribal Center.
  • Membership – Carol Cordova, Winona Plant, Tom Strong, Celeste Vigil

Law and Order Committee:

  • Contact Person- Douglas Smith
  • Meeting Schedule – No set schedule.
  • Membership – Amber Hanson, Roslynne Reed, Bobbi Blacketer, Celeste Vigil, Jenna Adams

Education Committee:

  • Contact Person – Kelly Neely
  • Meeting Schedule – Fourth Tuesday of each month at 3 pm
  • Membership – Terri Twiddy-Butler, Gregori Delacruz, Julie LeClair, Gary Peterson, Genny Rogers

Fish Committee:

  • Contact Person – Jon Wolf, Harvest Division Manager
  • Meeting Schedule – No set schedule.
  • Membership – Richard Adams Jr, Ed Green Jr, Elena Miller, Winona Plant, Brett Peterson

Hunting Committee:

  • Contact Person – David Herrera, Fish & Policy Director.
  • Meeting Schedule – No set schedule.
  • Membership – Larissa Miller, Genny Rogers, Charles Miller

Elections Committee:

  • Contact Person – Bobbi Blacketer
  • Meeting Schedule – No set schedule (meet when needed).
  • Membership – Arlina Allen, Nydesta Gouley, Isabelle LeClair, Taylor Strong

Health Committee:

  • Contact Person – Denese LaClair
  • Meeting Schedule – Third Wednesday of every month from 8 am-11 am at the Health Clinic.
  • Membership –  Myranda Andrews, Marie Gouley, Tony Herrera, Wendy Johnson, Tahnee Miller

Gaming Commissioners:

  • Contact Person – Jeff Faubion
  • Meeting Schedule –
  • Membership – Gordon James, LaDean Johnson, Roslynne Reed, Peggy Johnson, Laila Longshore-Smith