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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

North 91 Reservation Rd, Skokomish, WA 98584

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30 am. to 5:30 pm.

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Early Childhood


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Early Childhood Education Center Mission

The mission of the Skokomish Early Childhood Education Programs is to ensure children of the Skokomish Nation and surrounding communities flourish socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically in cooperation with parents, Elders, community members, and staff. We include children of all abilities to ensure that gifted and disabled children receive beneficial services they are entitled to under the rules in the Performance Standards at 45 CFR part 130.

Skokomish Head Start Summary of Services

Skokomish Head Start is a comprehensive child development program which serves native and non-native children, three to five years old, and their families of all incomes. Our program is a child-focused early education program with the overall goal of increasing kindergarten readiness skills of preschool-aged children through research-based best practices in education, child development, and healthy living.

The Skokomish Head Start Program provides a range of individualized services in the areas of preschool education and early childhood development, along with connecting families to resources for medical, dental, and mental health; and by encouraging healthy lifestyles and parent involvement by providing nutritionally balanced meals and monthly Family Nights. In addition, the entire range of individualized services is responsive to and appropriate to every participants’ developmental, ethnic, cultural, linguistic heritage, and experiences.

Head Start Program Goals

• Provide a safe, healthy, and quality learning environment
• Introduce a variety of activities and information to promote physical, social, emotional, and intellectual (cognitive) development
• Provide nutritious food, and a scheduled rest and exercise time that promotes healthy development
• Promote the health and well-being of the child by determining the child’s health status
• Provide a daily schedule that encourages learning and interaction
• Be a positive role model
• Promote parent and program partnerships
• Implement transition services for children, their families, and local school districts
• Meet the 85% daily attendance requirement for all children
• Meet quarterly with parents to report their child’s progress during the academic year

Head Start Family Services

• Parenting and Family Education
• Home-Visits and Parent-Teacher Conferences
• Parent Policy Council
• Monthly Family Night Events
• Assistance with Connecting Families to Community Resources

Head Start Class Schedule

Skokomish Head Start operates two preschool classrooms Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM, unless otherwise posted. Families are asked not to drop-off their child(ren) prior to 8:25 AM unless they will be supervised by an adult other than center staff, and be picked up promptly at 1:00 PM.

Head Start Requirements for Enrollment

• Completed Skokomish Head Start Application
• At least three years of age upon entry
• Proof of Age (Birth Certificate encouraged)
• Proof of Income
• Current Immunization Record
• Current Medical and Dental Examinations
• Current Vision and Hearing Screenings
• Proof of a Hematocrit and Lead Screenings
• Evidence of follow-up when a child is referred out for services

Skokomish Head Start is not a first come, first serve program. We are required by the Office of Head Start to determine program eligibility for open enrollment slots based on the poverty guidelines established by the State of Washington in combination with the use of our priority scoring system. Applicants can be placed on a waiting list if the child is not yet three years old or there is no space available in either classroom.
For more information, please contact the Skokomish ECE Center at 360-877-9007.

Skokomish Child Care

Skokomish Child Care Mission Statement

The Skokomish Child Care strives to provide an environment where children get the opportunity to learn about problem-solving, develop communication skills, and grow emotionally. Child Care staff members will create schedules, routines, and activities that will be most effective in encouraging learning about social, physical, emotional, and creative growth.

Child Care Goal

The goal of the Skokomish Child Care Program is to meet the individual needs of each child in their care. Each staff member will strive to create an environment where each child is respected as an individual and is a valued member of their community. Each day our goal is to provide every child with a comfortable environment in which they feel safe, happy, loved, and secure to support their individual developmental needs.

Child Care Admission and Enrollment Policy

The Skokomish Child Care Center provides childcare for children age 12 months up to 9 years. The center has two classrooms, one for toddlers and one for older children. We currently do not serve infants. The Child Care Program and Head Start Program work together to provide quality services for children and their families. The wrap-around program provides a full day of services for working families. The Skokomish Child Care Program operates Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, unless otherwise posted.

Child Care Licensing

The Skokomish Indian Tribal Council, in accordance with the child care regulations established by the State of Washington, licenses the Skokomish Child Care Program. A copy of our current license is posted in the Skokomish Early Childhood Education building.

Child to Staff Ratio

The number of adults that must be present in the Center and/or classroom is established by state regulations and are as follows:

Age of Children Number of Adult Supervisors
12 months through 30 months 1 adult to 7 children
30 months through 5 years 1 adult to 10 children
5 years and older 1 adult to 15 children

Child Care Fees

Toddler Rates (12 months through starting preschool)

Full Day (5 hours or more) $51.72
Part Time (less than 5 hours) $25.86

Preschool Rates  (3 years through the start of kindergarten)
(Not attending Kindergarten or School)

Full Day (5 hours or more) $46.60
Part Time (less than 5 hours) $23.30

School-Age Rates  (Kindergarten through age 8)
(Attending Kindergarten or School)

Full Day (5 hours or more) $34.12
Part Time (less than 5 hours) $17.06

After School Fees (School-age children before/after class at Hood Canal)

Per Day $9.28


We include children with disabilities to ensure that all children receive the services they are
entitled to under the rules in the Performance Standards at 45 CFR part 130.
For more information, please contact the Skokomish ECE Center at 360-877-9007.


Position Staff Member Telephone E-Mail
ECE Director Kelly Neely 360-877-9007 x.2402 kneely@skokomish.org
Transportation & HS Assistant Teacher Dawn Cralle 360-877-9007 dcralle@skokomish.org
Head Start Lead Teacher Aurora Gouley 360-877-9007 aurora@skokomish.org
Child Care Manager & CACFP Austin Randall 360-877-9007 x.2403 arandall@skokomish.org
Child Care Lead Teacher Taya Gouley 360-877-9007 tgouley@skokomish.org
Head Start Health & Family Services Loretta LaClair 360-877-9007 loretta@skokomish.org
Head Start Lead Teacher Angel Bean 360-877-9007 abean@skokomish.org
Assistant Teacher Allison Todd 360-877-9007 allison@skokomish.org
Assistant Teacher Adriana Rosales 360-877-9007 adriana@skokomish.org
Assistant Teacher Lucille Austin 360-877-9007 laustin@skokomish.org
Child Care Lead Teacher Taliah Elguero 360-877-9007 telguero@skokomish.org
Assistant Teacher Shannon Edwards 360-877-9007 sedwards@skokomish.org
Assistant Teacher Molly Delacruz 360-877-9007 molly@skokomish.org
Lead Cook Louis Auld 360-877-9007 lauld@skokomish.org