November 28, 2022

Skokomish Wellness Center

Skokomish Wellness Center

N 100 Tribal Center Rd, Skokomish, WA 98584
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am. to 5 pm.
Phone: (360) 426-5755     Fax: (360) 877-2399


Mission Statement

The Skokomish Health Center staff will provide quality services to the people of our community to help them achieve a balanced physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way of life.

Vision Statement

The foundation and heart of our services are centered on the patient and all users of our services. This includes reasonable access, a commitment to excellence, a compassionate respectful attitude and full involvement of patient and family in a teamwork wellness model of care. The Skokomish Health Center develops responsive, cost-effective, high-quality health care services that meet the needs of the community members. Services are provided in a fair, confidential, professional atmosphere in a clean and safe facility.

What’s New

We have combined Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol, And Indian Child Welfare staff into one building so we can provide a holistic approach of serving the needs of the Skokomish Community.

Summary of Services Provided

  • Primary Care with a Family Practice MD, two advanced registered nurse practitioners a registered nurse and two medical assistants
  • Women’s Wellness Screening
  • Colon Cancer Screening
  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Programs
  • Podiatry
  • Chiropractor
  • Dental
  • Dentures
  • CHR/Transportation Program
  • Tribal Assistor to assist with alternate resources
  • Mental Health Outpatient Services for all ages, including Family Counseling and Peer Support
  • Substance Use Disorder Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Services and Involuntary or Court Ordered Services, DUI Assessments
  • Psychiatric Medication Management
  • Supportive Housing


Position Staff Member Telephone/Extension E-Mail
Health Department Director Denese LaClair 360-426-5755 x.2118
Diabetic Coordinator Vacant
Contract Health Services Program Specialist Myranda Andrews 360-426-5755 x.2106
Medical Office Specialist Adele Leverich 360-426-5755 x.2100
Medical Office Specialist Nyomi Vann 360-426-5755 x.2104
PRC Specialist Bessie Blacketer 360-426-5755 x.2120
Lab Manager/Clinical Applications Coordinator Vacant
Admin & Finance Specialist Rebecca Vlosich 360-426-5755 x.2188
Tribal Assistor Beth Burfiend 360-426-5755 x.2101
Tribal Victims Assistant Amber Hanson 360-426-5755 x.2144


Skokomish H.O.P.E. Behavioral Health   Fax:360-877-2090

Behavioral Health Manager Vacant
Adult Protective Advocate Brandy Hendricks 360 877-2008 x.2146
Telepsychiatrist Vacant
SUD Counselor Kirk Fowler 360 877-2008 x.2196

Health Care Providers

Medical Doctor Michael Grabinski, MD 360-426-5755 x.2123
ARNP Missy Stringer 360-426-5755 x.2136
Chiropractor Josef Scott, DC 360-426-5755
ARNP Kim Miker 360-426-5755
Registered Nurse Vacant
Medical Assistant Mindy Claussen 360-426-5755
Medical Assistant Nicole Gibson 360-426-5755
Podiatrist Deborah Behre 360-426-5755
Nutritionist Cindy Beck 360-426-5755

Dental Care Providers

Dentist Dr. Brandon LaDoux 360-426-5755 x.2115
Dental Assistant Hillary Hoffmann 360-426-5755 x.2114
Dental Receptionist Eleanor Smith 360-426-5755 x.2114

Community Health Representatives (CHR)

Community Health Representative (CHR) Perry Carrington 360-426-4232 x.2189
CHR Margie Gouley 360-426-4232 x.2191
Women’s Outreach Nydesta Gouley 360-426-4232 x.2190

Indian Child Welfare

ICW/TANF Caseworker Vacant 360-426-5755 x.2119
Indian Child Welfare Supervisor/Case Manager Shawna Hill 360-426-5755 x.2117

Tribal Victims Assistance

Resource Coordinator Vacant 360-426-5755
Adult Protective Advocate Brandy Hendricks 360-426-5755 x.2146