July 17, 2024

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Skokomish Department of Natural Resources

North 541 Tribal Center Rd, Skokomish, WA 98584

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am. to 5 pm.

Phone: (360) 877-5213    Fax: (360) 877-5148

Summary of Services

The Natural Resources Department consists of two divisions: Habitat and Harvest.

The Skokomish Natural Resources Department Habitat Division is responsible for development and implementation of the Tribe’s water quality, environmental health, hazardous waste, habitat protection and enhancement programs for salmon-bearing streams and wetlands, among other as-needed and requested duties for the Tribal community. Oversight for the Tribe’s trust efforts in forestry, solid waste management, flood control and watershed planning is also provided. In addition, the Department is responsible for all Tribal, State, Federal and local compliance and regulatory ordinances and laws that are associated with land, air and water regulation.

The Skokomish Natural Resources Department Harvest Division provides administrative, management, research and enhancement services that support the Tribal government and Tribal members’ ability to exercise Treaty fishing and wildlife rights. Administrative services include budget development, staff oversight, Tribal representation in government fora, fisheries policy development, support of the Tribe’s Fish Committee and Tribal Council, as well as assessing the documentation of conservation activities. Management services include licensing fishers, buyers and boats, conducting shellfish population surveys, and monitoring harvests. Enhancement services include clam & oyster seed planting.

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am. to 5 pm. While assistance is assured during the official office hours, employees are typically available to help earlier than 8:00. As DNR is split into two buildings, if one building is locked, please seek assistance in the other building.


We, the Skokomish Tribe Natural Resources Department employees, envision the Skokomish tribal community having a thriving and healthy natural environment with abundant populations of fish, wildlife and other resources; this is in order to sustain the cultural and spiritual identity of the community in addition to providing economic stability for present and future generations.


By fulfilling the above vision, the staff members of the Skokomish Natural Resources Department aspire to protect the Skokomish treaty rights through effective management that will preserve and enhance the natural and cultural resources of the Tribe and will perpetuate the tribal fisheries resources for this and future generations.  We pledge to defend the treaty rights of the Skokomish people and the sovereignty of the Skokomish Tribe with regard to all natural resource concerns and to improve environmental health within the Tribal community.


Position Staff Member Telephone/Extension E-Mail
Director Joseph Pavel 360-877-5213 x2206 jpavel@skokomish.org
Deputy Director Jonathon Wolf 360-877-5213 x2212 jwolf@skokomish.org
Administrative Assistant Vacant 360-877-5213 x.2200
Policy Advisor Dave Herrera 360-877-2210 x2070 dherrera@skokomish.org
Habitat Manager Alex Gouley 360-877-5213 x2207 agouley@skokomish.org
Finfish Manager Cindy Gray 360-877-5213 x2215 cgray@skokomish.org
Hatchery Manager Jennifer Adams 360-877-2298 jenna@skokomish.org
Lead Hatchery Technician Richard Adams Jr. 360-877-2298 dadams@skokomish.org
Wildlife Biologist Bethany Ackerman 360-877-5213 x.2209 backerman@skokomish.org
Wildlife Technician Shane Miller 360-877-5213 x2209 smiller@skokomish.org
Finfish Biologist Anthony Battista 360-877-5213 x2211 abattista@skokomish.org
Lead Finfish Biologist Kevin Swager 360-877-5213 x2213 kswager@skokomish.org
Lead Finfish Technician Aaron Johnson 360-877-5213 x2218 ajohnson@skokomish.org
Finfish Technician Pete Wilbur 360-877-5213 x2217 pwilbur@skokomish.org
Finfish Technician Vacant 360-877-5213 x2208
Lead Shellfish Biologist Blair Paul 360-877-5213 x2216 bpaul@skokomish.org
Shellfish Biologist Andy Pavone 360-877-5213 x2210 apavone@skokomish.org
Shellfish Technician Kevin “Ubba” Cagey 360-877-5213 kcagey@skokomish.org
Habitat Biologist Lisa Belleveau 360-877-5213 x2205 lbelleveau@skokomish.org
Habitat Technician Shae Holy 360-877-5213 x2203 sholy@skokomish.org
Restoration Biologist Alex Papiez 360-877-5213 x2201 apapiez@skokomish.org
EPA Coordinator Seth Book 360-877-5213 x2204 sbook@skokomish.org
Water Quality Biologist Vacant 360-877-5213 x2202
Tacoma Hatchery Technician Charles Henry Sr chenry@skokomish.org